Mistress Silver is a strict, sensual professional dominatrix who enjoys the exquisite interplay of pain and pleasure. Petite, slender and curvaceous, she is nonetheless a physically formidable mistress who will demand your compliance with her every whim. She particularly enjoys strapon, tie and tease, watersports and cock and ball torture.

A highly-educated playwright and dancer, Mistress Silver also delights in creating scenes and bringing fantasies to life. She wants to know what's on your mind, the better to explore and control your desires and to transcend the limits of the self.

She is passionate in her pursuit of knowledge and fearless in her exploration of the shadow sides of the human psyche, both hers and yours. You will find in her a mistress who not only exudes a natural authority that demands to be adored for its grace and its strength, but a playful mistress of great warmth, curiosity and sensitivity who thrives on the encounter of souls, bodies and minds.

...and the kisses of the stars rain hard upon thy body...